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Shapes and Lines

I often wonder why in pictures, we so easily see the one thing we don't like instead of the 10 things that are beautiful... Is this something we learned as a kid? At school or pressure from peers or from our parents? Is it the paint brushed images and harsh judgements we get presented through the media? Is it an inate desire for perfection? Whatever it is, it bothers me! Beautiful friends of mine judge themselves harshly for a minor imperfection, an imperfection that I think actually makes them prefect.

When I see I picture of myself I effortlessly can pick something that's 'wrong' which I dislike 😕 One of the ways it is easier to look at myself in pictures with appreciation is when I bring my focus to the 'lines and shapes' I create. I love these lines and how the light can play with them. Looking at the shapes I create I love my body 😍

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