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Teaching Advanced Poses

10 + 17 NOVEMBER 2024 (9AM - 5PM)

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This training is for Yoga Teachers who would like to refresh and/or advance their skills to teach more advanced poses in their classes


  • Very complete training, covering everything about how to teach advanced poses, pose alignment, assisting and sequencing principles and modifications.

  • Comprehensive printed manual which you will reference afterwards many times

  • Practical guidance by Sr teacher

  • Theory and lots of practical application to get a 'real' understanding

  • Helps to improve your confidence in teaching advanced yoga poses safely

  • Course will count as Continuing Professional Development for Yoga Australia members.

  • Taught by Senior teacher with over 20 years teaching experience.

  • Certificate included

As experienced yoga practitioners and teachers, we understand that the path of yoga is a lifelong exploration, and it's my privilege to guide you in this training into the realm of advanced yoga poses.

In this intensive training, we will delve deep into the art and science of teaching advanced yoga postures. Whether you're an experienced instructor looking to refine your skills or a dedicated practitioner aspiring to share your passion with others, this program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to guide students safely through challenging asanas.

By the end of this training, you will not only have a deep understanding of advanced yoga poses but also the ability to share this knowledge with confidence, compassion, and authenticity. The goal is to empower you to help your students explore the edges of their practice, cultivate inner strength, and find balance in body and mind.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • A level 1 Yoga Teacher Training certification is required for teachers to receive certification. 

  • Non teachers are welcome to attend.


A large part of this course includes practical application of the learned material.

Subjects covered include:

  • **Advanced Asana Practice:** We will break down complex poses, helping you master the physical aspects, alignment, and variations of advanced postures.

  • **Anatomy and Alignment:** A comprehensive understanding of anatomy is crucial for teaching advanced poses safely. We will dissect the mechanics behind each pose, focusing on alignment, modifications, and injury prevention.

  • **Sequencing and Progressions:** Crafting intelligently sequenced classes and progressing students toward advanced poses is an art. You will learn how to build sequences that prepare the body and mind for these challenging postures.

  • **Effective Teaching Techniques:** We'll explore teaching methodologies, communication skills, and how to offer hands-on adjustments and props to assist your students.

  • **Philosophy and Mindfulness:** Yoga is not just about the physical; it's a holistic practice. We will discuss the philosophy behind advanced poses and how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your teaching.

  • **Safety and Ethics:** Ensuring the safety and well-being of your students is paramount. We will cover ethics in teaching and maintaining a supportive environment.


  • Training takes place in our beautiful studio in Cattai (50 min out of Sydney CBD). 


  • 10 + 17 November 2024 (9am - 5pm)

COST $ 250

  • Morning/Afternoon tea and lunch is included

  • Printed manual is included

  • For teachers certification is included

Numbers for this course are limited to warrant personal guidance. 

Yoga teachers earn 20 CDP points by attending this course. 100% attendance is required for certification.



  • Payment in full is due upon acceptance into the training

  • For cancellations more than 4 weeks prior to commencement, all fees will be refunded

  • For cancellations within 4 weeks prior to commencement date, no refund will be given.

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Anneriek is an expert in her field and delivers on all the content plus more. Most importantly, Anneriek negotiated a group dynamics to ensure everyone has a voice and space to grow. "

~ Tanya

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