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Embodied Coaching

Embodied Coaching merges the power of traditional talk therapy with the transformative art of somatic and dance movement therapy. Step into a realm where healing, growth, and empowerment converge. This unique approach invites you to journey inward, exploring the depths of your psyche through dialogue, reflection, and somatic exploration.​

Imagine a coaching experience where every conversation is a gateway to self-discovery, every movement a path to inner awakening. Embodied Coaching facilitates a holistic approach to transformation, weaving together the threads of your mind, body, and soul into a cohesive tapestry of healing and growth.​

I offer sessions in which you will navigate the intricate terrain of your inner world, uncovering hidden truths, releasing emotional blockages, and stepping into your full potential with grace and resilience. Each session is a harmonious blend of introspection, embodiment, and empowerment, guiding you towards profound self-awareness and transformation.

Embark on a transformative journey that transcends boundaries and empowers you to embrace your true essence. Find your way towards a life of authenticity, purpose, and wholeness. 

I offer the following Embodied Coaching services 
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Inner Growth Coaching
Personal coaching sessions to find your natural power, help deal with trauma, and find purpose in your life with more balance and happiness. 

Couples Coaching
Repair and Elevate your relationship with couples coaching, designed to grow your relationship and enhance your connection and communication skills as a couple. 

Transformational Somatic and Dance Movement sessions for women to step into their authentic power, rekindle their inner strength, and embrace the fullness of their feminine potential. These sessions are especially geared towards more mature women, transitioning through menopause.

Yoga Coaching
Private yoga sessions for injury recovery, deepening your understanding of yogic concepts and yoga philosophy, and/or meditation and mindfulness sessions.

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“Sometimes things happen that aren’t so good. When they occur, I’ve learned that there’s not much you can do except
stand tall and reach deep.”

~Katherine Applegate

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