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Online Classes

It is wonderful to be able to offer online classes which you can do anywhere, at any time.

I offer an extensive, life changing online program with over 100 yoga and meditation classes in "The Goddess Sequences". This very special, transformative online yoga program will awaken your feminine powers, balance your masculine energy, awaken your spirituality, explore your heart's desires, recognise your self worth, remember your higher potential and create an inner balance and fluidity in living.

I also offer nearly 40 Free, high quality, Online classes on my YouTube Channel for you to enjoy

Goddess Sequences
Online Yoga Program 

Practice yoga and meditation with the essence of 11 different goddesses to connect to and embrace you full feminine self. Feel how love, selflessness, sensuality and inner power are being manifested within yourself through inspiring practices.

The Goddess Sequences membership will give you unlimited access to over 100 practices through your own App or web-browser with for each of the 11 goddesses:

  • Comprehensive information about the goddess; her story, identity, archetype, qualities and shadows in help you unveil your inner goddess

  • Powerful, embodied Yoga Flow class (1-1.5 hrs)

  • Gentle Lunar Yoga class (30-45min each)

  • Mindful Yin Yoga class (1 hr each)

  • Insightful guided (sometimes moving) Meditation

  • Connecting Chakra Meditation

  • Balancing Breathwork session

  • Goddess playlists, poems, daily activities, and more

Goddess Sequences
—Pngtree—luxury decorative colorful mand

And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy.

~ Kahlil Gibran

Free Online Classes 

I'm so excited and grateful to be able to offer you these free online classes. I love to be able to make yoga accessible for EVERYONE at ANYTIME that suits YOU. Each class has a different theme. Some classes are harder than others. Please try them out and I hope you enjoy!

All my free online classes can be watched on my YouTube channel:

Free online classes

Find the right class for your level and for the intensity you're looking for:

Gentler classes are perfect for beginners, older practitioners, when you have injuries and for those days where you'd like to have a more mindful, slower practice.

Stronger classes will work you harder and will flow more. These classes are more suited for intermediate and advanced practitioners, however beginners who are looking for a stronger class will enjoy these classes too.

These shorter (30 minute) classes can be practiced by themselves OR your can 'Mix & Match' some classes and add them together for a 1 hour class. These classes are at various levels so that you could choose for example to start with a stronger class and finish with a more gentle or yin class.

Yin Yoga is a beautiful, slow and intense practice moving deeply into the fascia (connective tissue) of your body. This practice is especially beneficial for people who have tightness, injuries or who have inflammation in their joints. Yin Yoga is very popular due to it's mindful nature and the amazing feeling it leaves you with after the practice!

Some popular classes...

—Pngtree—luxury decorative colorful mand

May these practices serve the liberation of your true gifts. May you enjoy high currents of love, abundance and creative contribution. 

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