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Yin Yoga Online Classes

Yin Yoga is a beautiful, slow and intense practice moving deeply into the fascia (connective tissue) of your body. This practice is especially beneficial for people who have tightness, injuries or who have inflammation in their joints. Yin Yoga is very popular due to the amazing feeling it leaves you with after the practice!

All my free online classes can be watched on my YouTube channel. 

Yin Yoga for Lower Back Release ​

Yin Yoga for Lower Back Release ​

This 30 minutes slow and mindful yin yoga practice includes deep stretches which all focus on fascial release of the lower back and sacral area to help release lower back pain and increase mobility in this area. This yin practice is suitable for all levels. ​ Included in this class: - Deep releasing Yin stretches: Dangle, Squat, Sphynx/Seal,   Sleeping Swan, Shoelace, Half Saddle - Various options to safely practice this class - Complete talk through about yin yoga and fascial release Comment: Yes, Shoelace pose is only practiced on one side. You can feel both sides of your hips (Gluteus) in this pose, even though you might feel it slightly stronger in the top leg. If you like to balance it more, move slightly to the side until you feel it evenly in both hips . ~~~ TEACHER TRAININGS AND RETREATS ~~~ If you like more information about my teacher training programs or retreats I’m teaching you can find details here: ~~~ PRACTICE WITH ME MORE ~~~ Practice with me on your own App with over 200 yoga (flow and yin) and meditation practices. Membership starts at $9.90 per month ~~~ FOLLOW ME ~~~ Learn more about my work and my offerings by: - Website: - Website: - Following me on instagram: - Joining me on Facebook: - Email me:
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