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Balanced in Being

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Online Program

In a world that sometimes feels a bit off-kilter, I'm thrilled to have you here on a captivating journey towards 'Balance in Being'. This Program helps you to create inner balance by exploring your feminine and masculine essence through yoga and meditation practices, cultivating a sense of harmony that ripples through your relationship with yourself, others, and the planet.

Your feminine energy is like the vast ocean, fluid and ever-shifting. When in harmony, it radiates a powerful yet receptive aura, embodying autonomy and empowerment.


On the other hand, the masculine energy provides guidance and structure, akin to a steady channel. Its balance brings vision, reliability, and protection, offering direction with a touch of selflessness.


When these energies harmonise within you, they create a unique blend of strength and softness, confidence and compassion, power and grace. It's about finding that sweet spot where structure meets fluidity, and boundaries coexist with space, allowing you to stand firm yet soar with grace.

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time and energy in creating The Goddess and Shiva Sequences because I wanted for students to experience not only powerful yoga and meditation practices but especially to find deeper personal meaning in their practice. Additionally, I wanted to help yoga teachers deliver profound sequences and bring more meaning and philosophy into their classes. My aim is to put this knowledge into the hands of as many people as possible.


Built on the yoga principles of kindness, gratitude and self-reflection, this program will teach you how to use the depths of yoga philosophy, to live a more meaningful and joyful existence, regardless of your current circumstances. I hope and trust you’ll find it as powerful and life-transforming as I did.


More information can be found HERE. Looking forward to embarking on this soul-stirring adventure with you,
x Anneriek



“If you are thinking of doing the goddess sequences YTT, your expectations will be far exceeded! I joined Goddess YTT to help with my practice and for teaching inspiration, but gained so much more on a personal growth level - as is standard with any of Anneriek’s offerings! She goes above and beyond to deliver something truly magical and transformative, and it will not disappoint! Thank you Anneriek! Can’t wait to continue my journey with you 🙏” (Jess)

“I have found better connection with my own femininity, my self. The course not only allowed growth professionally but personally. Anneriek’s vast knowledge and approach in teaching is exceptional. I am so glad I decided to join Goddess YTT. It is so much more than one would expect …… I have gained so much during this course…. Thank you Anneriek 🙏🏽❤️” (Hina)

“I came across Anneriek  on instagram as I was looking for a specific flow of yoga and philosophy. We connected via telephone for a brief discussion on her Goddess Sequences program as I had concerns due to living in a different state and not being able to travel due to restrictions. I started my course in January 2021 and even tho its been over the internet (zoom), each time I have felt like I was there in person and whenever I've had a concern, experience or question Anneriek Favelle has been available to support. Everything has flowed so beautifully, I've even developed some beautiful friendships (with people on the other side of the world) and its amazing. To date, not only has my asana practice been enhanced but the growth within each month with a different Goddess has been transformational. I highly recommend connecting into this course”  (Anita)

“The goddess sequences program is an amazing opportunity to learn about 11 hindu goddesses and relate these archetypes to living in the modern world today. As a yoga teacher of over 10 years I am always looking for inspiration and this most certainly delivers. I am loving the wisdom and power of awakening each goddess in my life.  I personally love the website and find it super easy to navigate. So much work has gone into this program, it is rich with content! The classes are a great mix of lunar and solar flows allowing me to honour what I need in my yoga practice from day to day, yin practices, music playlists, meditations.... everything is there. Anneriek is another level when it comes to teachers, she inspires, uplifts and truly is a gift to the world. I am loving the online practices in the comfort of my home but I also love being in community with like minded women. Anneriek has a way of bringing people together and offers something so beautiful. I am very happy to have this in my life." (Jolan)


“The Goddess Sequences has given me a beautiful and unique path to deepen my yoga practise. Anneriek is such a special and gifted teacher, and her classes are creative, challenging and inspiring.“ (Sal)

“Anneriek how you have transformed my life. So much I want to say ‘The Goddess Sequences’ is pure magic, so grateful to be on this journey working with and  bringing these Goddesses into my life, wakening them within myself has been beyond amazing. 
Anneriek your wisdom, knowledge and heart comes through in all your offerings, I am forever thankful and blessed you have created the Goddess Sequences, just when I think I have found the Goddess for me I fall in love again, each month with each Goddess I fall in love, not only with these amazing Goddesses but with myself. 
To have these Goddesses at my fingertips with the Flow’s, meditation on the website has also been incredible and a user friendly website that even I can use is a blessing.
Anneriek my heart is full, I am so grateful for you and all your teachings, your support and love thank you thank you thank you ❤️” (Danielle)


Embrace your Feminine

Go on a powerful journey to Awaken your Feminine Essence recognising your own worth and releasing self limiting beliefs.


Feminine energy is expansive, it's like an ocean, moving in all directions, shifting, flowing. When this energy is Imbalanced it becomes dispersed, erratic and scattered. The Balanced Feminine energy embodies its own divine power which is receptive, autonomous and empowered. 


The Goddess Sequences is an online yoga program, which includes a 150hr level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Program, that aims to open you to a new way of being. Inviting you to go beyond the barriers of your own self-limiting beliefs and habits and into new levels of sacred self-expression, living your life more authentically. 


Through the use of the feminine archetypes and inspiring, relevant and embodied yoga and meditation practices, you will reconnect to those parts of yourself aching to be revealed, allowing you to reconnect to your divine feminine nature, aiming to bring more fluidity, creativity, sensuality and intuitive wisdom into your life. 

"Anneriek will guide you to a new you. A ‘you’ that was always there, waiting to be revealed. There is life before the Goddess experience and life after the Goddess experiences." ~Tanya

Balance your Masculine

A transformative journey for both men and women, to understand and balance your Masculine Energy.

We live in a patriarchal world where we generally consider masculine qualities to be associated with ego, power, strength, competitiveness and toughness, but that is not what masculinity is about. Masculine energy is guiding, like a channel, supporting direction, structure and meaning. The Balanced Masculine is visionary and has a protective and reliable quality. It is selfless, solid and shows direction.

The Shiva Sequences is an online yoga program, which includes a 100hr level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Program, that aims to open you to a new way of being. Inviting you to go beyond the barriers of your own self-limiting beliefs and habits and into new levels of sacred self-expression, living your life more authentically. 


Through the use of the masculine archetypes and inspiring, relevant and embodied yoga and meditation practices, you will reconnect to those parts of yourself aching to be recognised, allowing you to reconnect to your sacred masculine nature, aiming to bring more balance, courage, boundaries and purpose into your life. 

“A life changing experience of self examination and growth while learning and understanding my masculine qualities and embracing them unapologetically. The whole experience handled with real love and care by. This program is so so so good!!!” ~Pam

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What a wonderful journey learning to befriend the Goddesses through yoga practices, meditation and contemplation in a supportive community.  Working as a psychologist I have found there is no more powerful tool than working intimately with archetypes, that can shine a light on our strengths and the disowned hidden gems inside us. These Goddesses help us do just that, they reveal our hidden wholeness"

~ Melisah

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