Curve Balls

Often when I try new or challenging poses I feel how I harden myself, not only physically but also (and maybe especially) mentally. Then, when I realise that I could also soften while doing the pose, everything changes! All of the sudden I can feel a sort of comfort, an acceptance, my body changes and seems to 'melt' into the pose more. And as my mind releases, let's go, I find peace in whatever it is I'm doing. Now I realised that I can not only have those moments in my yoga practice but also 'when life throws me curve balls'. My first reaction when something unexpected or uncomfortable happens is to brace, to harden. But when I realise that I can soften, let go, and accept whatever changed

Circular Hip Opening Flow

I just love circular flowing practices like this one for hips and lower back. You can just go around and around and around... Once you get the flow it comes so natural that you can just release your thoughts and your mind can stay in the present moment with your breath. This sequence is a beautiful way to open up your lower back and hips while strengthening your legs and core. You can keep it really high to help you warm up or you can deepen the poses to make you work harder. Or you can make it your own and add some variations, however try to keep it simple. Stay with it until it comes without thought. Don't worry if you make a mistake, keep on moving with your breath, aiming to even out, le

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