Shoulder Flow

Bula from Fiji my friends :-) Sharing this shoulder flow which releases the shoulders and the spine and when practiced with the breath, creates a beautiful moving meditation. Wonderful way to start the day, both when it's hot or cold ;-)

I'm not very good at yoga...

I regularly hear people either judge themselves ("I'm not very good at yoga") or judge different kinds of yoga ("physical yoga is no yoga"). And both of these make me wonder why we have this never ending need for judgement.... I confess, I'm a bit of a hoarder of definitions of what yoga is and one of my favourites is: "Yoga is an unending process of self-discovery and self-transformation through the process of observing oneself without judgement" Oh I love this! Yes this process is never ending and yes is is without judgement! So no we can never be 'good' at yoga, because being 'good' at yoga would mean that we have reached our destination, instead it's all about the path we're traveling. S

The Beauty of the Humble Warrior

The Humble Warrior pose (Baddha Virabhadrasana, literally Bound Warrior pose) is one of those poses in which all aspects of yoga can come together: strength, flexibility, inward reflexion, acceptance and a sense of surrender to the universe. As a person who is naturally more strong than flexible this pose always challenges me emotionally, the strong opening of the shoulders and chest makes me feel vulnerable, especially when I'm looking at the world invertedly... However the combination of the strength in my legs and the sense of surrender through the release of my head in the bow, help me to soften and stay with it. And then.... after a while the pose comes to me, I feel acceptance and the

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