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Enough is Enough

The time around Xmas always confronts me with the commercial influence there is in our community. For myself I realise that I have everything I need, never the less I feel a pull to buy something new to wear, something that's on sale, or a little something that just catches my eye... At the same time do I see how we pollute the world with all the 'stuff' we buy (and don't really need).

More and more do I realise that it is the consumer (that's me) who can change the world. If I stop buying, manufacturers will stop producing. So I've decided Enough is Enough. Here is my commitment to the world.

In 2017 I will not buy anything new for myself (and minimise what I buy new for my family). One on one replacement (like my toothbrush or shampoo) is excluded here but also this I will minimise to just the essentials.

I know that this is not going to be easy but I'm actually looking forward to it (now that I've made the commitment). Already have I realised how nice it is to not even to look at things since I'm not going to buy anything anyway. So emails go straight into my 'bin' now and shopping will be limited to essentials and food.

I'll keep you informed about how I'm going on my blog and Facebook.

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