Online Classes

I'm so excited and grateful to be able to offer you these free online classes. I love to be able to make yoga accessible for EVERYONE at ANYTIME that suits YOU. Each class has a different theme. Some classes are harder than others. Please try them out and I hope you enjoy!

All my free online classes can be watched on my YouTube channel:

Find the right class for your level and for the intensity you're looking for:

Gentler classes are perfect for beginners, older practitioners, when you have injuries and for those days where you'd like to have a more mindful, slower practice.

Stronger classes will work you harder and will flow more. These classes are more suited for intermediate and advanced practitioners, however beginners who are looking for a stronger class will enjoy these classes too.

These shorter (30 minute) classes can be practiced by themselves OR your can 'Mix & Match' some classes and add them together for a 1 hour class. These classes are at various levels so that you could choose for example to start with a stronger class and finish with a more gentle or yin class.

Yin Yoga is a beautiful, slow and intense practice moving deeply into the fascia (connective tissue) of your body. This practice is especially beneficial for people who have tightness, injuries or who have inflammation in their joints. Yin Yoga is very popular due to it's mindful nature and the amazing feeling it leaves you with after the practice!

Some popular classes:

Creating a Feeling of Adequacy

In this 1 hour flow class the focus is on lengthening the hamstrings and the side body in order to move deeper into backbends. This flow is suitable for intermediate/advanced practitioners.

Included in this class: 

- Shoulder flow

- Hamstring/side body warm up

- Main flow to work deeply into the hamstrings

- Backbend sequence into full wheel pose

- Relaxation

Shifting Energy


30 minute string flowing class, using strength to clear your mind and movement to create focus. The perfect practice for a busy day where you'd like to shift your energy. This flow promises to make you feel alive. Suitable for all practitioners who enjoy a stronger flowing practice.

Included in this class: 
- Grounding breathwork
- Strong ladder flows; each flow builds on the previous one
- Core activation to stoke your inner fire
- Funky transitions to increase body awareness

Yin Yoga for Renewal- Releasing Unwanted Layers

The focus is on renewal, growth and expansion in this 40 min stronger Yin Yoga practice. You'll be working your Liver and Gallbladder meridians helping to support your digestive and detoxification processes and help increase your ability to make good decisions. A beautiful practice for spring time or anytime when you are looking to shed old patterns and finding a new start. Suitable for all levels. 


Included in this practice:
- Various yin poses activating the Liver and Gallbladder meridians
- Guidance on emotional release of unwanted emotions and how to accept the experience 'as is'

De-Stress - Working your Psoas muscle

In this 1 hour class your hip flexors (and more specifically your Psoas muscle) will take a central position. Your body responds to stress, as a stress reflex, by shortening this deep muscle of the hip. Additionally when you have a more sedentary lifestyle this muscle will become weak impacting your posture. Stretching and strengthening your Psoas helps you to ground and to circulate energy throughout your body, increasing vitality and reducing your stress levels. Suitable for all levels.

Included in this class:

- Explanation of the Psoas muscle and the impact is has on you

- Various poses to help stretch and release tension, and to help strengthen the Psoas muscle

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