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Inner Growth Coaching

Step into your Natural Personal Power

—Pngtree—luxury decorative colorful mand

The very centre of your heart

is where life begins –

the most beautiful place on earth.”


Even though your life might look great from the outside, inwardly you might be feeling exhausted, anxious or struggle with depression. Maybe you feel broken or unworthy, overwhelmed or out of control. Isolated, alone or struggling in your relationship. Maybe you feel unfit, uninspired and unsupported, or dissatisfied with your life in general...

My experience is that we tend to keep all our pain and struggles hidden within us, thinking that others will not notice and hoping that if you ignore these feelings long enough they will eventually disappear. ​​Unfortunately emotions and feelings when ignored will only grow and become more and more part of your every day life.... Emotions - in latin 'emovere', meaning to move, move out or move through - need to move through us in order to be released and to lose their power over you. This is where this Inner Growth Coaching Program will help.


Inner Growth Coaching is based on various modalities including (but not limited by) Somatic principles of Alexander Lowen, the Philosophies of Ken Wilber, Adult Developmental Levels of Walter Bellin and TM (Transcendental Meditation). Combined with my 20 years of experience in yoga philosophy, this coaching program creates huge personal benefits - clearing out past trauma, healing incomplete relationships, releasing self limiting beliefs, establishing healthy new patterns and creating an inspiring path for your future.​

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much, I really can't thank you enough... Thank you for highlighting my pattern and helping me believe in me , I truly feel I'm moving onto my path like never before and it feels wonderful..." (Jaz)

Through my own journey, I have come to see the immense power of someone holding space for you to heal and grow. This program gives you this powerful opportunity to have someone 'holding your hand', helping you, supporting you, inspiring you and encouraging you through one-on-one sessions at any time you need it. 


Inner Growth Coaching, Embodiment, Mindfulness training, Breath work & Meditation are at the foundation of what I offer. The method I use goes straight to the core of your issues, creating change much faster than you will ever have experienced.

"Thank you Anneriek. Talking through the strategies today has given me a much better pathway, which is calming. And I felt really comfortable talking with you. Very grateful" (Julie)

I am dedicated to creating a safe space for our work together. I know that healing and change can be tough and tender, so I invite you to set the pace. I see us as equals: two human beings. This is why I offer unlimited sessions per month, so that we can go on this journey together, not limited by time restraints...


This journey includes, but is not limited to:

  • Intention setting

    • To know what will make a real difference in your life for you

  • H3 profiling (determining your Heart, Hand, Head profile)

    • To get a better understanding of your patterns belief system

  • Establishing your Personal Meditation Practice

    • Become the observer of your mind and create power of choice

  • Understanding of your Self-limiting Beliefs, Deficit Motivation and Craving Needs

    • To be able to understand and change your own patterns of behaviour

  • Stress management and release

    • To allow for more calmness and balance response to distressing situations

  • Emotional Processing, Completion and Healing

    • To release and heal trauma through emotional processing, creating personal completion with people who negatively impacted your life and allowing yourself to heal and release self limiting patterns of behaviour

  • Anger Release and Empowerment Embodiment

    • To release powerlessness and step into your natural personal power

  • Adult Development level and Personal Growth

    • Creating an understanding of your personal development level​

    • Development of your Individuated Self

    • Create personal wholeness, mental freedom and intrinsic self worth

  • Exploration of you Growth Possibilities and Life purpose

    • To find personal direction and your path in life

  • Work life Balance

    • Finding purpose and balance between what you do and who you are. Support in how to create your dream job/business.​​


I focus on embodiment—not just changing things in your thoughts and words, but truly embodying these changes to carry them forward in your life. Your body tells you a lot about your emotions and mental state. By inviting you to notice your sensations and live more fully in your body, you can begin to restore trust in your own resilience and wisdom. This can feel so luscious—like coming home.

I offer somatic exercises through yoga and movement, grounding, sound healing, meditative journeys and breathing practices.​ To me, healing is inherently spiritual and fleshy-real. It’s magic and courageous, both. ​In learning who you are, in daring to get to know yourself more deeply - you will see that the things you feared inside you are not actually so scary after all. Your eyes will soften towards yourself. You will begin to explore your depths with joy, rather than worrying about drowning in them. You will let yourself feel, because as a sensitive being - that’s what you were born to do.​​


I believe you are the expert on you—and together, we can dive in and gently untangle that which feels messy, complicated, impossible, stuck, or frustrating in your life. I welcome laughter, tears, anger, sorrow, joy and all that you may be feeling to join us in session. My approach is structured yet intuitive, with an understanding of how to release past pain and unhelpful behaviour effectively and permanently.

"The inspiration to keep ploughing through my journey was to have the same enjoyment in my daily life as Anneriek has and her reassurance I was going to get through it and be great at the other end. She was right." (Mardi)

Watching you learn to listen to your own wise, beautiful heart, make important changes, empowering choices, and ground into the beauty you are—well, that is what fills my heart.


As I believe healing takes just as much time as it does and needs to be a journey we go on together, I offer an unlimited sessions plan for $650 per month. And NOW, for a very limited time only, with 40% off (just $390 per month). For this we can meet daily, weekly, monthly, or however often you want. This is a minimum 4 months commitment.

You go at your own pace, we meet online (Zoom) or face 2 face at my studio. We'll work with your intentions, allowing you to create the change which would make the most impact in your life. Obviously I only have limited spots available to be able to provide you with the most personal care you deserve. You will be waitlisted when I'm out of spots.


My beautiful studio in Cattai NSW (NW Sydney) for in-person sessions or online sessions through Zoom.


Anneriek is a Senior (Level 3) Yoga Teacher, a Level 2 certified Effortless Mediation Teacher, a qualified Inner Growth Coach and a Level 2 Advanced Spiritual Life Coach.

Read more about Anneriek's qualifications HERE.​


I am passionate about supporting you and bringing my whole heart to our work. I believe in you. Your sessions are your time.

“I’m learning love,  and loving to learn to plant my feet in who I Am. Bend my branches, yes, stretch my limbs, yes,  deepen my roots, yes, yet, with feet firmly planted in My unique beautiful Being. So, this is where I am currently at, and I am very grateful to you….” (Bec)

If you’re interested, feel free to email me now to schedule a free 20 min phone consultation so we can get to know each other a bit and I can hear more about what you’re needing at this time. We can also talk about alternative coaching options. From there, we’ll get your first session scheduled!

I look forward to hearing from you!


  • In an unspoken voice: How the body releases trauma by Peter Levine

  • The body keeps the score by Bessel van der Kolk 

  • Braving the wilderness by Brene Brown

  • Befriending your nervous system by Deborah Dana

  • Flow: Living at the Peak of your Abilities by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron

  • Loving what is by Byron Katie

  • The untethered soul by Michael Singer

Anneriek is a wonderful, warm, soulful, wise, compassionate, and most of all inspiring coach. She could sum up in a few words how i was feeling, what was going on internally for me and validate my experiences.

The inspiration to keep ploughing through my journey was to have the same enjoyment in my daily life as she has and her reassurance I was going to get through it and be great at the other end. She was right.


Anneriek is an absolutely lovely coach and teacher.


I have felt so good since our sessions. Anneriek really helped me see that it’s ok to feel hurt and that people I feel anger towards are often hurting too.

I somehow feel part of something bigger ever since.


I could not have embarked on this journey of healing my inner child without Anneriek. I learnt so much about myself and regained happiness and a sense of peace.


Anneriek is a knowledgeable, nurturing coach and teacher.

Her passion, drive and love is wonderfully infectious. Anneriek cried with me, laughed with me, but mostly held my hand through this journey of healing. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Anneriek’s guidance. Her coaching was more than just an amazing experience, it has been life changing for me.


Anneriek, You are a totally amazing woman, and I believe you will help thousands of people to realise their potential over the coming years. You are a brilliant coach and I have felt it an honour to be your teacher over the past year. 

(Walter Bellin,

Retreat & Programs Facilitator

Centered Meditation)

Where Coaching Helps You:

Body image, Dealing with illness, Trauma release, Relationship issues, Feeling overwhelmed, Weight loss, Wanting Inner growth, Business support, Family issues, Not feeling worthy, Anxiety, Depression, Improving your habits, Stress release, Finding joy in life, Understanding yourself better,  Mental and emotional support, Tapping into your full potential...

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