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Empowered, Valued, Visible and Kick ass

—Pngtree—luxury decorative colorful mand

As we grow older,

our bodies–and our lives–

should continue to improve,

right up until the very end.”

~Thomas Hanna

In a world where connection and support are paramount, there's immense power in women coming together to share, uplift, and inspire one another. Gathering in a space of mutual understanding and empathy, women can find solace, strength, and wisdom in the collective experiences of their peers. The act of sharing not only fosters a sense of community but also creates a nurturing environment where growth, healing, and empowerment can flourish.


Through guided movement journeys and open dialogue women can discover new perspectives, build lasting bonds, and embark on transformative paths towards self-discovery and purpose. In these sessions we celebrate the profound benefits of women coming together, to share, to listen, and to thrive as a united force of strength and resilience.



Using Somatic Dance Movement practices we'll step into a sanctuary of self-discovery and growth, exploring the essence of personal empowerment to dive into the depths of your true self. Each session is crafted to guide you on a path towards reclaiming your power, nurturing resilience, and fostering a deeper connection with your inner self.


🌺 Empowerment: Rediscover your personal strength and enhance your sense of agency.
🌿 Self-Exploration: Dive into a holistic journey of self-discovery and cultivate a compassionate self-relationship.
💫 Wellness: Uncover strategies for overall well-being and inner equilibrium.
💃 Embodied Expression: Embrace your inner states through movement and creative self-expression.
🌟 Transformation: Engage in healing practices to foster personal growth and renewal.


The sessions focus on embodied empowerment, guiding you through a transformative journey as you awaken your inner feminine essence and step into your power. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded women, support each other, and embrace personal transformation in a nurturing environment.


Sessions are 2hrs and are approximately once a month.

Attendance is casual, $30 per session.


Sessions are held in Cattai, NSW


Individual sessions are also available for those looking for a more personalized experience. Contact Anneriek directly to discuss

What is

Somatic Dance Movement?


"Dance is the language of joy that flows through your body, allowing you to express yourself in ways words cannot. In the rhythm of movement, you discover the exhilarating freedom to fully experience the wonders of your own body."

​Somatic Dance Movement is a gentle, guided and introspective dance form, which encourages you to listen to your body, to be fully present in every movement, unlocking a world of possibilities within yourself. A dance that goes beyond technique. Inviting a profound sense of self-awareness, enabling you to discover and release tension, emotions, and energies that may be stored within your body.


Embracing the concept of embodiment, emphasising the unity of the body, mind, and soul. Encouraging you to explore your own unique movement vocabulary, allowing for personal expression and self-discovery. As you tune into your body, you tap into a vast array of sensations, textures, and rhythms, creating a language that is as diverse as each human individual.


There are no limitations or expectations. It is a space where creativity and authenticity flourish, where you can unleash your innermost desires, fears, joys, and vulnerabilities. It is a captivating journey of self-exploration, where the body becomes a canvas for personal narratives and emotions to be expressed.


It becomes is a celebration of your human experience, a beautiful and powerful way to connect with yourself and others. An invitation to embrace your body, to trust your intuition, and to surrender to the magic of movement. 

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