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Empowered, Valued, Visible and Kick ass

—Pngtree—luxury decorative colorful mand

As we grow older,

our bodies–and our lives–

should continue to improve,

right up until the very end.”

~Thomas Hanna

I'm excited to introduce a transformative program tailored exclusively for women, designed to guide you on a journey of empowerment through the profound lens of somatic principles.


EmpowerHER is a program that invites women to step into their authentic power, rekindle their inner strength, and embrace the fullness of their feminine potential. Through a fusion of somatic movement, dance therapy, and mindfulness practices, I'll facilitate a holistic and empowering experience.


  • Somatic Exploration: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of your own body, exploring the connection between physical sensations and emotional well-being.

  • Expressive Movement: Through guided movement and dance, we'll unlock your body's innate capacity to release tension, access creativity, and express your truth.

  • Mindful Self-Reflection: Deepen your self-awareness through mindfulness techniques, enhancing your ability to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

  • Healing and Transformation: This program will guide you on a path of healing and self-discovery, helping you shed limiting beliefs and embrace your innate power.

  • Supportive Community: Be part of a small community of like-minded women on this empowering journey, fostering connections and a network of support.

  • Personal Guidance: Numbers for this program are restricted.



Through somatic movement and dance therapy, you’ll explore the unique needs of women seeking empowerment. This program is designed to help you reclaim your inner strength, heal from past wounds, and move forward with confidence, grace, and self-assurance.




$150 for six 120min sessions, Wednesdays 6-8pm, every other week (dates below), face to face at my studio in Cattai, NSW. 

These sessions form the core of your transformative journey towards personal empowerment. Each session is designed to build upon the previous one, guiding you on a holistic and empowering journey towards self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.



Session 1 - "Embrace Your Inner Strength: A Journey of Self-Discovery”
In this opening session, we'll embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, tapping into the wellspring of your inner strength. We'll lay the foundation for your path to empowerment by connecting with your unique essence.

Session 2 - "Dance into Your Power: Exploring the Wisdom of Your Body"
In this session we’ll discover the innate wisdom of your body and harness the power of movement to express your authentic self.

Session 3 - "Heal Your Past, Ignite Your Future: A Somatic Path to Empowerment"
This session delves into the transformative power of somatic healing. We'll explore how past experiences have shaped your present, release stagnant trauma, and together, we'll ignite the flames of your future with newfound confidence and resilience.

Session 4 - "The Power of Expression: Embracing Your Uniqueness"
Unlock your authenticity, as we delve into the profound connection between somatic expression and empowerment. Discover the strength in your uniqueness and perspective.

Session 5 - "Rising Strong: Cultivating Resilience and Radiance"
Cultivate resilience as we navigate the challenges and setbacks that life presents. This session focuses on developing the inner strength to rise stronger and shine even brighter, embodying your innate radiance.

Session 6 - "Embodying Empowerment: Your Path to a Brighter Future"
In our final session, you'll embody the essence of empowerment. We'll reflect on your transformative journey, embracing your newfound power and confidence as you step into a brighter, more empowered future.



Next program starts: Wednesday 17th of January 2024 (6-8PM)

Followed by sessions on: 31 Jan, 14 feb, 28 Feb, 13 Mar, 27 Mar


Embark on a transformative journey of empowerment. Join me in the EmpowerHER program and begin to embrace the radiant, empowered woman within.

What is Somatic Movement

"The only true way to get to know yourself in through the body."

Somatic movement is a profound exploration of the body's innate wisdom and its ability to heal and transform. It delves into the depths of your physical being, unlocking the hidden language of the body through mindful movement and deep sensory awareness.


In this enigmatic practice, the body becomes a sacred vessel, a gateway to the mysteries of our inner world. Through gentle and intentional movements, you navigate the terrain of your sensations, emotions, and memories, unraveling the intricate tapestry of your lived experiences.


Somatic movement invites you to dance with your breath, to listen to the whispers of your muscles, and to embrace the symphony of your bodily rhythms. It is an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, where you engage with the subtle nuances of sensation, unraveling the threads that hold you back, and weaving new patterns of embodiment and freedom.


As you embark on this esoteric path, you unlock the potential for profound healing and personal growth. Somatic movement invites you to release stagnant energy, to rewire deeply ingrained patterns, and to restore harmony and balance within yourself. It is an invitation to transcend the limitations of the mind and enter the realm of embodied wisdom, where body and soul dance together in perfect harmony.

What is Somatic Dance

"Dance is the language of joy that flows through your body, allowing you to express yourself in ways words cannot. In the rhythm of movement, you discover the exhilarating freedom to fully experience the wonders of your own body."

​Somatic Dance is often part of my Somatic Movement sessions. 

This gently guided and introspective dance form encourages you to listen to your body, to be fully present in every movement, unlocking a world of possibilities within yourself. A dance that goes beyond technique. Inviting a profound sense of self-awareness, enabling you to discover and release tension, emotions, and energies that may be stored within your body.


Embracing the concept of embodiment, emphasising the unity of the body, mind, and soul. Encouraging you to explore your own unique movement vocabulary, allowing for personal expression and self-discovery. As you tune into your body, you tap into a vast array of sensations, textures, and rhythms, creating a language that is as diverse as each human individual.


There are no limitations or expectations. It is a space where creativity and authenticity flourish, where you can unleash your innermost desires, fears, joys, and vulnerabilities. It is a captivating journey of self-exploration, where the body becomes a canvas for personal narratives and emotions to be expressed.


It becomes is a celebration of your human experience, a beautiful and powerful way to connect with yourself and others. An invitation to embrace your body, to trust your intuition, and to surrender to the magic of movement. 


  • The Voice of the Body by Alexander Lowen

  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel vd Kolk

  • Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine

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