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Meet Anneriek:

I want to help and inspire you to awaken and understand that you can choose to create an exceptional life for yourself.  A life that is authentic and meaningful, where you believe in yourself and experience the magic and wonders of being alive.


I'd like you to feel that you are already complete and 'perfect' with all your quirks, doubts and limitations. For this you'll have to learn to just LET GO and you'll see everything you're looking for is already there within you...

The practice of yoga will help you on this path.

" [Anneriek] are far far far along the path of broad and deep understanding of yoga, and more than that, you have a rich experiential base as a practitioner and teacher that brings it all alive with great clarity and insight. I wish you all the best in realizing your dreams and intentions."

Mark Stephens, Santa Cruz CA, USA, E–RYT 500 (Author of "Teaching Yoga" and "Yoga Sequencing")

Every day I am thankful for all the beautiful people in my life and on my path. I am in awe of my amazing, committed students for attending my classes, for working hard, for keeping a smile on their face, no matter where I’ll take them.  They are my inspiration, help me grow, stay curious about yoga, they bring me back to the foundation, and help me stay connected to my heart.   x Anneriek

I loved the whole retreat. Being taken on a journey of the self. Beautifully guided by Anneriek, who is only too willing to ‘be there’ for each one of us. ~Dido

My mind, heart and body feel cleansed. ~Lisa

Anneriek’s knowledge and wisdom overflowed which she so generously shared, making this retreat a truly wonderful experience. ~Janey

This is one of the best practices I’ve done. The fluidity of the movements gave me a fabulous workout.... I truly enjoy and appreciate your expertise in yoga. Thank you for adding something special to my daily life. ~Roz (about Anneriek's free online classes)

Free Online Yoga Classes ​


I'm very grateful to be able to offer you these free online classes. I love to be able to make yoga accessible for EVERYONE at ANYTIME that suits YOU. Each class has a different theme. Some classes are harder than others. Please try them out and I hope you enjoy!

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