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Goddess Sequences Teacher Training


For more info and to book in:

This 12 month program will help you transform yourself and reconnect to you divine feminine qualities. Using the archetypes of 11 goddesses, this program is set up to help you change your life, to empower you, to confront you, to take your 'mask' off, to be supported by a tribe of like minded women and to reveal your magnificent, divine authentic Self. With 23 sessions, online yoga practices for each goddess and access to your own App this program will create inner transformation. For Yoga Teachers this program can include a 150hr Level 2 certification.

"This journey was something so unique and powerful, it took me to depths within myself, it dragged up the mud and stagnant beliefs, it activated higher levels of awareness within me and ultimately freed me to experience more love and compassion for myself in all the aspects of my life. I felt truely supported like never before, I was seen, heard and accepted by all the beautiful goddesses that journeyed with me this year. Anneriek created such a safe and accepting space her delivery of wisdom and insight was profound and easily understood and applied to my life, for the benefit of not only myself but all those that surround me. I'm truely beyond grateful for this past year and so looking forward to the next 8 month journey with the gods." (Jaz)


In this program you will be introduced to 11 powerful goddess archetypes. Each month one of these goddesses will become your guide to explore a different part of your empowered Feminine Self. You will recognise the force of the feminine within you, which is yearning to evolve your awareness, to help create a world in which you live in balance with yourself, others and the earth.



The 12 month GUIDED PROGRAM includes:

  • Introduction session with Anneriek

  • Full unlimited, lifetime access to the online "Goddess Sequences Portal" with access to over 100 yoga practices and meditations and a wealth of useful information about each Goddess

  • Two 2.5 hour sessions a month (online or face to face, 22 session in total) to practice together, learn about each goddess archetype, to share and connect and learn about your own feminine essence

  • Access to recordings of the sessions for later revision

  • Printed version of the extensive 186 page Goddess Sequences User Manual

  • Exclusive Goddess Large Cotton Tote Bag

  • Access to the Goddess Sequences Members community

COST Guided Program

  • A$1,992 for the 12 months Guided Program

    • A A$300 non refundable deposit is required to sign up for the course. This will give you instant, lifetime access to the Goddess Sequences portal.

    • Four A$423 payments of which the first one needs to be made before the start of the training after which the material will be sent out (books and merch)

    • A 10% discount ($199) can be applied for payment in full before the start of the program

  • After payment of the deposit (see below) a detailed invoice will be sent out for payment of the remaining fees)

The 150HR TEACHER TRAINING Program includes:

  • Everything of the Guided Program plus additionally:

  • 1 hour YTT specific session a month (online or face to face, 11 session in total) to ask questions and receive more detailed teacher specific guidance

  • Two practical assessments per goddess to deepen your learning

  • Personal guidance and feedback sessions with Anneriek

  • Printed version of the the over 200 page Goddess Sequences Teacher Training manual with information about all the practices

  • Access to the Goddess Sequences Teachers community

  • On successful completion:

    • Receive a 150-hr level 2 Yoga Teacher Training certificate for “The Goddess Sequences”

    • You'll be mentioned as certified teacher on the Goddess Sequences website

Teacher Training Requirements:

  • A 200hr Level 1 training certificate is required.

  • Understanding of yogic concepts and poses is assumed or needs to be picked up as part of the self study.

  • 80% attendance of sessions (F2F or zoom) is required (recording of missed sessions (max 20%) need to be viewed afterwards).

  • Self practice of provided online Goddess Sequences practices.

  • Students have 2 years, from start date, to complete all assignments.​

COST Teacher Certification Program

  • A$2,760 for the 12 months Teacher Training Certification Program

    • A A$300 non refundable deposit is required to sign up for the course. This will give you instant, lifetime access to the Goddess Sequences portal.

    • Four A$615 payments of which the first one needs to be made before the start of the training after which the material will be sent out (books and merch) - Payment schedule: 1st of January 2023 (after payment your books will be sent out to you), 1st of March 2023, 1st of June 2023, 1st of October 2023

    • A 10% discount ($276) can be applied for payment in full before the start of the program

  • After payment of the deposit (see below) a detailed invoice will be sent out for payment of the remaining fees)

“I signed up to the Goddess Sequences to broaden my teaching style and understanding of yoga, but what I didn't expect to get was a broader and deeper understanding of myself! This year has been amazing, eye opening and transformative. Anneriek is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and I look forward to further teacher trainings and courses lead by her. This journey of unfolding and deep diving within has been truly amazing!” (Justine)

Cancelation Policy

  • A $300 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the course.

  • Payment of the first instalment is due 2 weeks before the start of the course - After this payment the material will be sent out. Once the books are sent out no refund of this payment will be given.

  • For cancellations upon commencement of the course, a cancellation charge of 50% of the remaining fee will be given.



“If you are thinking of doing the goddess sequences or goddess YTT, your expectations will be far exceeded! I joined Goddess YTT to help with my practice and for teaching inspiration, but gained so much more on a personal growth level - as is standard with any of Anneriek’s offerings! She goes above and beyond to deliver something truly magical and transformative, and it will not disappoint! Thank you Anneriek! Can’t wait to continue my journey with you 🙏” (Jess)

“I have found better connection with my own femininity, my self. The course not only allowed growth professionally but personally. Anneriek’s vast knowledge and approach in teaching is exceptional. I am so glad I decided to join Goddess YTT. It is so much more than one would expect …… I have gained so much during this course…. Thank you Anneriek 🙏🏽❤️” (Hina)

“I came across Anneriek  on instagram as I was looking for a specific flow of yoga and philosophy. We connected via telephone for a brief discussion on her Goddess Sequences program as I had concerns due to living in a different state and not being able to travel due to restrictions. I started my course in January 2021 and even tho its been over the internet (zoom), each time I have felt like I was there in person and whenever I've had a concern, experience or question Anneriek Favelle has been available to support. Everything has flowed so beautifully, I've even developed some beautiful friendships (with people on the other side of the world) and its amazing. To date, not only has my asana practice been enhanced but the growth within each month with a different Goddess has been transformational. I highly recommend connecting into this course”  (Anita)

“I started this program not really having a clue as to where it might lead me. Having recently retired I am trying to find a 'me' that is apart from my professional 'me'. This program has been a watershed. I am slowing finding my voice and starting to see my truth.” (Wendy)


“The goddess sequences program is an amazing opportunity to learn about 11 hindu goddesses and relate these archetypes to living in the modern world today. As a yoga teacher of over 10 years I am always looking for inspiration and this most certainly delivers. I am loving the wisdom and power of awakening each goddess in my life.  I personally love the website and find it super easy to navigate. So much work has gone into this program, it is rich with content! The classes are a great mix of lunar and solar flows allowing me to honour what I need in my yoga practice from day to day, yin practices, music playlists, meditations.... everything is there. Anneriek is another level when it comes to teachers, she inspires, uplifts and truly is a gift to the world. I am loving the online practices in the comfort of my home but I also love being in community with like minded women. Anneriek has a way of bringing people together and offers something so beautiful. I am very happy to have this in my life." (Jolan)


“The Goddess Sequences has given me a beautiful and unique path to deepen my yoga practise. Anneriek is such a special and gifted teacher, and her classes are creative, challenging and inspiring.“ (Sal)

“Anneriek how you have transformed my life. So much I want to say ‘The Goddess Sequences’ is pure magic, so grateful to be on this journey working with and  bringing these Goddesses into my life, wakening them within myself has been beyond amazing. 
Anneriek your wisdom, knowledge and heart comes through in all your offerings, I am forever thankful and blessed you have created the Goddess Sequences, just when I think I have found the Goddess for me I fall in love again, each month with each Goddess I fall in love, not only with these amazing Goddesses but with myself. 
To have these Goddesses at my fingertips with the Flow’s, meditation on the website has also been incredible and a user friendly website that even I can use is a blessing.
Anneriek my heart is full, I am so grateful for you and all your teachings, your support and love thank you thank you thank you ❤️” (Danielle)


“Having practiced yoga for years I never looked further than the “exercise” and wanting to achieve advanced poses. 6 months after giving birth to my first child in a pandemic everything changed for me mentally, physically and socially. I was diagnosed with severe post-natal depression and coming back to yoga and being a part of the Goddess Sequences practiced has allowed me discover and come into the new me. Learning about each goddess and what they bring has at times been confronting, it’s become almost like my therapy. The connections I have made have been paramount and the learnings I have come to discover is something I did not expect. For the first time in my years of practice I am no longer fixated trying to do that crazy advanced balance pose, but rather understand what my body and mind is doing during each practice.” (Ana)

“I love Anneriek’s Goddess Sequence program, and to be able to do it online through zoom is incredible. When I moved up north I thought I would be missing out on any of Anneriek’s courses but through zoom it is so easy and she has designed it that if the time doesn’t suite you, you can catch it up when it does. 
I feel so connected with my fellow goddesses and love that we can be flowing together in a sequence even though we are all over Australia and the world! Thank you Anneriek I am loving embracing each goddesses energy 💗” (Juliana)

“When I started this journey with the Goddess Sequence, I was not sure what to expect, what I would find. Mostly, I was really hoping to understand more about myself and embrace my femininity.
I am definitely forever grateful for this beautiful and powerful program. Not only I get to practice creative and empowering Yoga flows but I am also transported, with every new Goddess, in a lifelong journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I was certainly not expecting the powerful and positive changes that come every time we connect to a new Goddess. Changes that will remain within me forever.
I am very pleased with this program and furthermore, Anneriek is a wonderful teacher, an amazing woman who holds the group space with an abundance of care, love and passion.” (Céline)

“A different perspective leading to another level of awareness. Understanding and learning about theses goddesses, exploring and connecting to the subtle energies that they embody and how it reflects on my day to day life.” (Janey)

“The Goddess sequence cohesively brings together the teachings of each goddess, how she relates to us and is accompanied by a practice, designed by Anneriek.  In true Anneriek style her practices are ours to keep and share.
All elements of Anneriek’s yoga practice insights inspiration in myself and her yoga students.  Her courses have always gone above and beyond.  All educational material she provides helps me develop my own professional career, and her new website together with the comprehensive manual on the goddesses allows me to access all these options easily.
To be inspired by passion is what is promised with any teachings given by Anneriek.” (Jacqui)

“The goddess sequences allows us to be free spirits-to learn and adventure as we want to The guidance nurturing and safe space Anneriek  creates allows us to find our own guidance and nurturing The ah ha moment for me was to realise that the qualities of each separate goddess are all aspects of the one whole  We own all of their qualities We can’t compartmentalise It is a matter of learning to develop  all aspects of the goddesses in ourselves in whichever way is good for us.  
Anneriek is a generous and wise soul We all learn from her and from each other” (Leonie)


—Pngtree—luxury decorative colorful mand

What a wonderful journey learning to befriend the Goddesses through yoga practices, meditation and contemplation in a supportive community.  Working as a psychologist I have found there is no more powerful tool than working intimately with archetypes, that can shine a light on our strengths and the disowned hidden gems inside us. These Goddesses help us do just that, they reveal our hidden wholeness"

~ Melisah

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