Yoga Workshops

The following workshops are available for any yoga school or group of people:

  • From the Ground Up - Working on the foundation of your yoga practice, with a strong focus on standing and hip opening poses. Suitable for all levels

  • Spinal Health - Focussing on improving the health of your spine. We will twist, bend back and forward to increase the mobility of the spine. A workshop in which energy is balanced. Suitable for all levels

  • Deep Release - This  is a Yin yoga workshop with deep stretches for improved joint health. Suitable for all levels

  • It Takes TWO to Tango - Partner work and some acro yoga poses to deepen your practice working together with a partner. Suitable for all levels

  • Mobility in Movement- A flowing practice with a focus on transitions. Working with lightness and moving with breath to create a meditative practice. Suitable for both motivated beginners with some yoga experience and advanced practitioners

  • Advanced Play - Exploring more advanced poses and arm balances. Working at your own level, this workshop is suitable for both motivated beginners with some yoga experience and advanced practitioners.

  • Advanced in Flow - Strong flowing practice working with more advanced poses for practitioners who are after a deeper experience. Suitable for regular and more advanced practitioners.

Each workshop can be run in any of the following formats:

  • 1x3hr,

  • 1x4hr (or 2x2hr on one day), or 

  • 1x6hr (or 2x3hr over two days).  

Additionally the workshops can be 'Mixed and Matched' in order to create a weekend retreat, for example: Saturday afternoon "Advanced Play", Sunday morning "Deep release", Sunday afternoon "It Takes 2 to Tango".

More detail about each of these workshops can be found in the sections below.

From the Ground Up

A strong foundation gives you a feeling of being grounded, of belonging; to stand on both feet and take care of yourself. Foot position, strong legs and open hips provide you with this foundation on your mat. Standing poses (including standing balancing poses), hip opening and forward bends are what it’s all about in this workshop. 


Poor positioning and mobility of your feet and legs are often a cause of knee, hip and lower back pain. Well set up standing poses, like warriors, help to build strength and set a foundation of a safe yoga practice. And what better way is there to test your foundation than to balance on one leg. We’ll be spending ample time on the challenges standing balancing poses provide you, finding your centre of gravity, becoming aware of your feet and how the weight is balanced in your feet. You’ll be catching your breath while releasing tension in hips and lower back, with longer holds in yin like stretches in seated poses.


Suitable for all levels.


Poses that will be explored include: Virabhadrasana (Warrior) variations, Supta/Utthita Hasta Padangustasana variations, Garundasana (Eagle), Janu Sirsasana variations, Gomukhasana (cow face), Upa Vista Konasana (straddle).

Spinal Health

There is this saying: ”Your spine is the window to your health”, Indicating that the condition of your spine provides a lot of information about your overall health. A healthy spine will help you to increase your overall health and help release the cause of physical issues including lower back, neck and shoulder pain. That’s why in this workshop your spine will be the central theme. You’ll be moving - twisting, forward and back bending - your body to open up and let energy flow through you.

Other then a combination of flowing sequences and longer (yin like) holds to open your front and strengthen your back body this workshop includes a variety of activities to shift energy through your energy centres located just in front of the spine, like working with  Kryas, chanting and mediation. 

This workshop will help you to feel energetically balanced and promises to leave you with an amazing awakened feeling. Suitable for all levels.


Poses that will be explored include: Parivrrta Ardha Chandrasana (Revolved half moon), Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half lord of the fishes), Gomukhasana (Cow face), Ustrasana (Camel), (Urdhva) Dhanurasana (Bow/Wheel), Eka Pada Raj Kapotasana (King Pigeon), Natarajasana (Dancer)

Deep Release

“Life really begins at the limits of your comfort zone. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable right now, know that the change taking place in your life is beginning, not ending” by N.D. Walsh. 


This quote explains yin yoga very well… The amazing benefit of yin yoga is not only that it provides deep healing of your joints and leaves you with a feeling of lightness for days, it also helps you to explore moving out of your comfort zone and finding peace right there on the edge… 


Yin yoga focuses on stretching the myofascial tissues in your body by holding (seated) poses for a longer (mostly 3-5 min) time while releasing the muscles around the joints. Joint health is a central theme, releasing tension, knots and  relieving inflammation. This yoga practice has a strong ability to bring you back to the here and now, surfing your edge of discomfort and embracing instead of fighting the sensations that might arrive.


Yin yoga is complementary to any stronger yoga practices. Suitable for all levels.

It Takes Two to Tango

Working with a partner in yoga will give you a new perspective on your own practice. Partner work helps you to move deeper and to become more aware of alignment principles and your own alignment. It brings consciousness to your breath and to touch. Besides it’s just so much fun to work together! 


This workshop will include a little acro yoga for those who feel up to learning how to fly, but mostly we work on exploring poses using partners for alignment, stability or to move deeper in the pose. Additionally, partner stretches will be explored to help deepen the pose for your partner.


Come alone or come together. Suitable for all levels.


Poses that will be explored include: Double Virabhadrasana (Dancing Warrior) flows, Balancing poses, Double Navasana (boat), Partner stretches.

Mobility in Movement

How lovely it feels to let go of your thoughts and to just ‘dance’ through your yoga practice! In this workshop alignment takes a step back while you bring your focus to mobility and the control of your body while moving from pose to pose, the elegance you can find in the flow, and the movement with your breath. Allow the flow to take you on a moving meditation, letting go of your mind, your thoughts. Just go with the flow!


This workshop is set up as a ‘ladder flow’ where we add on poses to a sequence, allowing your body to slowly become familiar with the flow so that your mind can just let go. You are invited to include a strong focus on ‘Ujjaji’ breathing to slow your mind further down and become one with your breath.…


Suitable for both motivated beginners with some yoga experience and advanced practitioners.


Flows that will in included are: Surya Namaskara (Sun salutation) variations, Virabhadrasana variations (dancing warrior), Standing balancing sequences, Janu Sirsasana variations, Dhanurasana (bow) flows, shoulder opening sequences.

Advanced Play

It’s always hard to find enough time in class to progress in the more advanced arm balancing poses. In this workshop, you will dive deep to explore these challenging poses and to find ways to deepen your practice. In a playful format, there will be lots of focus on shoulder and wrist opening, arm and core strengthening, balancing tips and especially on overcoming your fear of falling. 


Being upside down always evokes many emotions: fear, joy, excitement, doubt or perhaps a general feeling of awkwardness. Being upside down lets you see the world (literally) from a different perspective and often can bring you back to our childhood when you maybe had no fear. So, in this workshop you will play! We will use various tools to find comfort in being upside down, like visualisation, slow transitions, build up of poses, and the use of props (including blocks and the wall). We will progress slowly, addressing various aspects to improve your skills and learn what to work on to continue your inversion practice after the workshop.


We will all work at our own level, the workshop is suitable for both motivated beginners with some yoga experience and advanced practitioners.


Poses we play with include: Bakasana (Crow) variations, Eka Pada Koundinyasa, Pincha Mayurasana (forearm balance), Salamba Sarvangasana (headstand) and Adho Mukha Vrkasana (handstand).

Advance in Flow

Do you like to be challenged? Access more advanced poses? Focus not only on holds but also on the flow between the poses? Explore mindfulness especially  when things get tough? Then this workshop might be just what you’re after! 

Ujjaji breath, vinyasa flow, core work, shoulder strength and challenging combinations of poses are explored in an exciting practice that will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment. Advanced poses are included.

The flow of this workshop is especially developed to take you safely further in your practice; working on areas needing opening and stabilisation.

This workshop can also be run as a 2 hr class/workshop in combination with for example a 2 hr variation of any of the other workshops.


Poses can include: Vastisthasana (side plank), Bakasana (Crow) variations, Natarajasana (Dancer), Pincha Mayurasana (forearm balance), Adho Mukha Vrkasana (handstand) transitions, Urdhva Danurasana (Wheel), Hanumanasana (splits).

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