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The Warrior Within

3rd of SEPTEMBER 2023

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In this one day retreat you will be gaining a deeper understanding of your empowered feminine essence and how connecting into this can change your life. You’ll use the Warrior Goddess archetypes to connect to the inner power of your balanced feminine divine, creating personal empowerment by allowing the feminine essence to rise through your energy centres (chakras).

Many of us hold on to ‘traditional’ societal ideas about our feminine qualities thinking of them mainly as nurturing, caring, sensual and intuitive. 


Balanced feminine energy however includes so much more. When you embrace the feminine you step into qualities like expression, empowerment, collaboration, deep wisdom and fluidity. There's a receptive and open feeling to this type of energy however it’s fast and energised.

Balanced feminine energy of the Warrior goddess archetypes allows you to:

  • Magnetically attract what you want

  • Set clear boundaries for yourself

  • Receive and ask for help

  • Have differentiation in your relationships with a clear defined self 

  • Feel empowered to step out of your comfort zone and share your gifts

  • Work with others and create community

Goddesses you’ll work with:

  • Kali - Chakra’s of Manifestation - Awakening Shakti 

  • Durga - Heart Chakra - The Mother 

  • Dhumavati - Throat Chakra - The Void 

  • Chinnamasta - 3rd Eye chakra - The Transformation 

  • Parvati - Crown Chakra - The Union 


This retreat is for your if you want to:

  • Engage your empowered feminine self

  • Learn about the rising (awakening) of your feminine energy and how this relates to your chakras

  • Break free of feeling trapped in your own imbalanced femininity or masculinity

  • Learn more about the balanced feminine and the Hindu goddesses and how they archetypically relate to you


​The retreat is suitable for all levels of experience however some yoga experience is recommended. Participants are asked to open their minds to deepen their yoga practice and to explore new aspects of their yoga journey.


This retreat is not just for women, as many men, who are ok to step out of their masculine comfort zone, will benefit from exploring their feminine side…


  • 8 - 8.30 - Welcome and Intro

  • 8.30 - 10 - Yoga Flow Practice: Embracing your Warrior Goddess

  • 10 - 12 - Workshop: Who are the Warrior Goddesses, What are their qualities and How do they relate to you

  • 12 - 1 - Lunch

  • 1 - 3.30 - Workshop: The awakening of your feminine energy (kundalini rising) through the chakra system

  • 3.30 - 5 - Yin Yoga & Meditation: Igniting your Inner Fire


3rd of September 2023​, 8AM start, 5PM finish


This 1 day retreat is held in our beautiful studio in Cattai, NSW or you can choose to attend it online through Zoom.


Your investment is $150

The ticket is non refundable but can be transferred to another person.


Workbook for the day. When attended face to face in Cattai, morning/afternoon tea and lunch is included.


When attending online you will need a device that connects to Zoom (either a smartphone or laptop), internet connection, the manual which you will receive before the start of the course, a pen for making notes. 

For the practices you need your mat, a blanket, two blocks and a strap.

And lastly your'll need a comfortable place in your home and an open mind :).​


Payments can be made via cash, bank transfer or secure credit card payment. Payment plans can be organised.

Bank details:  

Commonwealth Bank Windsor

Account name:  Johanna Favelle

BSB: 062 622

Account no:  10409912

Please put "warrior23" + your first name as reference


Anneriek has a unique ability to allow you to embody the flow of the yoga practice, connecting to your inner power with fluidity. She has studied yoga traditions for over 20 years and is a Senior Yoga Teacher with experience in multiple yoga disciplines, including Prana Flow, Yin, Asthanga and Vinyasa Yoga.


Face to face in our beautiful studio:

475 Halcrows rd, Cattai


Attend online through Zoom


Yogis with a desire to deepen their yoga journey.


3rd of September 2023





Workbook for the day. When attended face to face in Cattai, morning/afternoon tea and lunch is included.


The ticket is non refundable but can be transferred to another person.


She who wants growth -  I am not the same person who walked through the wooden gates. Thank you for being such a generous teacher, your intelligence and wisdom. Something has shifted in me. ~Pam


You gorgeous soul, Anneriek. I’m feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful with a beautiful shift manifesting. Thank you for bringing me to the tribe this retreat and sharing some unique experiences, you’re amazing! Namaste ~Lisa

Anneriek’s knowledge and wisdom overflowed which she so generously shared, making this retreat a truly wonderful experience. ~Janey

Thank you thank you thank you wow to an amazing powerful and full heart felt retreat, so much gratitude and love xxx  ~Danielle

Aww thank you for a beautiful intimate and heart felt day, so grateful. Anneriek you are a gift in how you hold us all and love without reserve. ~ Dani


There was no judgement but space for truth, something magic happened, there was space for being seen and feeling heard.  It was really special…in one moment... we all became at ONE xx Thank you doesn't seem enough.  Blessings to you all XX ~Lesley

Thank you beautiful sister for all your sexy smoking powerful love energy and wisdom.  I am forever grateful xx ~Linda

I loved the whole retreat. Being taken on a journey of the self. Beautifully guided by Anneriek, who is only too willing to ‘be there’ for each one of us. ~Dido

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