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Triple Shakti is more than a Yoga Retreat. It is a celebration of Womanhood - the sacred feminine.


We invite you to let your wildness shine. To listen to your heart's desires. To let go of all the expectation there are of you. To feel perfect just as you are. To celebrate your feminine powers. To explore who you could become. To live your life to the fullest with both feed on the ground. To be connected to your sisters.


A weekend filled with 5 Rhythms Dance, Fire Ceremony, Kundalini Meditation, Prana Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Women’s Circle, Sensual Dance, Lunar Goddess Workshop, New Moon Ceremony, and Presentation and Live Music by Deya Dova!

More than ever, our earth and the people on it need love and compassion. Triple Shakti creates a powerful sense of community and togetherness. Be part of the feminine rising.

Woman of ALL ages are welcome. Children up to the school age are welcome to join their mum in the celebration. 

Various types of accomodation is available but you can purchase a weekend or day pass (Saturday only) and organise your own accomodation.


Maiden. Mother. Crone.

Let's celebrate the three goddesses within us as we are connected to the stages of the moon.

The Maiden is seen as the young woman, or girl, who has not yet awakened. She is all about enchantment and new beginnings, youthful ideas and enthusiasm. She is associated with the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, as the moon grows from dark to full.

The Mother is the next phase in a woman's life. She is fertility and fecundity, abundance and growth, the gaining of knowledge. She is fulfilment -- sexual, social, and emotional -- and she is represented by the full moon. A woman does not have to have biological children to embrace the role of Mother.

The Crone aspect is the final stage. She is the sage, the wise woman, the darkness of night, and eventually death, representing the ultimate ability to let go. She is the waning moon, a time to reflect and consolidate.


Govinda Valley, Otford NSW, just South of Sydney.

For Who

Women who like to celebrate womanhood and connect to a powerful community​


3PM - 9.30PM Friday 22 June

7AM - 9.30PM Saturday 23 June

7AM - 3.30PM Sunday 24 June


Contact Anneriek on 0439 886 185 or


Friday 22nd of June (3.00 - 9.30PM)

  • Woman's Circle of Movement

  • Yin Yoga Release

  • Lunar Yoga Flow

  • Fire Ceremony 

  • Singing Sister's Mantra Circle

Saturday 23rd of June (7.00AM - 9.30PM) (Day pass available)

  • Moving Meditation

  • Yoga Prana Flow: Freeing your Wild Heart

  • Yin Yoga Release

  • 5 Rhythm Dance

  • Lunar Goddess Workshop: Embrace your Femininity

  • Kundalini Dance

  • Woman's Circle

  • Live Music by Deya Dova

Sunday 24th of June (7.00AM - 3.30PM)

  • New Moon Meditation and Ceremony

  • Songlines & the Planetary Grid: Deya Dova's audio visual talk on the science, origins and experience of the Earths energetic field

  • Dynamic Vinyasa Class

  • Sensual Dance Workshop

  • Kirtan

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