Yoga4You's teacher training options:​

  • If you want to enhance your practice and yoga knowledge: 

    • Advance in Yin Yoga: 40 hrs, to learn more about yin yoga

    • Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship in Sydney (200 hrs over 7 months)

  • If you want to become a teacher: 

    • Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship in Sydney (200 hrs over 7 months)

    • Advanced (Level 1+2) teacher training: 350+ hours

  • If your are an existing teacher and like to advance your teaching skills:

    • Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship (+150 hrs), and/or

    • Advance in Yin Yoga: 40 hrs, to learn how to teach yin yoga and become a certified Yin Yoga teacher 


My commitment to my students is life long; as a mentor, a guide and/or an inspiration on those days that you feel challenged. 

Yoga4You’s teacher training is life changing as it is set up around personal development; building competence, confidence and creating real change for You. 


“Anneriek will guide and inspire you as she challenges you to find your core qualities, teaching style and your authentic self.” ~Johann


You will learn, live, breathe and dream ;-) yoga during the initial 12 day intensive, with a small group of likeminded souls in beautiful tropical Vanuatu. After this you will begin to integrate your learnings while you complete the last 8 day’s training over a period of 4 months. 


“It’s been hard, fun, energising, inspiring, exhausting and SO worthwhile. I have learned more than I could ever have imagined” ~Dianne


It is so very satisfying to see students complete their yoga teacher training and start teaching at studios where they straight away fill classes and inspire students. 


“The beauty of Anneriek’s training is that it arms you with knowledge but then allows you to think for yourself. Besides understanding the alignment, benefits and modifications of each pose, she teaches you how to think and analyse sequences which allows you to easily put sequences together adding your personal touches and twists.” ~Dee


This teacher training is suitable to either develop your yoga teacher skills OR for your own personal development to develop your practice and increase your knowledge about ‘all things yoga’. 


“Anneriek’s teacher training has enabled me to grow deeply, letting go of the judgements that have limited me in the past.” ~Jacqui


Book in now for Yoga4You’s 2020 yoga teacher training (level 1 or level 2) with a 12 day intensive in tropical Vanuatu and 8 days in either Sydney or New Plymouth, NZ. 


“The confidence Anneriek imparts, coupled with the excellent resources, has given me the skills to deepen my own journey and to connect with my students in a skilful and insightful way.” ~Gillian


Numbers for teacher trainings are very limited as this guarantees a highly personalised opportunity for growth. 


“The teacher training helped instil a sense of wonder and the desire to facilitate growth for my students. I'll be forever thankful for this lesson.” ~Flora

“This training taught me to find my voice instead of telling me “this is how it is.” 

It taught me about the power of authenticity instead of moulding me into a cookie cutter teacher.

It taught me how to become an effective teacher that sparks curiosity in students. 

It taught me that everyone has a story, the importance of non-judgement, and how this applies when I teach."




Why choose this course?

  • Designed to inspire to become the best yoga teacher You can be!

  • The most complete course you'll find, covering everything you need to know in a useful and practical manner.

  • Application of theory and concepts to get a 'real' understanding.

  • Prepares you to teach Flow, Hot, Restorative, Hatha and/or Yin yoga.

  • Yin Yoga certification included

  • Helps you to teach and integrate Pranayama, Meditation, and Philosophy into your classes.

  • 200 hours face to face, taught by Sr teacher with over 18 years teaching experience.

  • Includes class observation, adjusting and teaching your first class!

  • Learn in a small group with lots of personal guidance.

  • Registered by Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

  • Option to complete +350 Teacher Trainer program by advancing into the +150hrs Level 2 Applied Teacher Training.

  • Life long mentoring is part of the deal.

Why choose this course?

  • Designed to help you grow and becaome more authentice as a yoga teacher.

  • Great as an continuous learning opportunity after completion of your 200 hour teacher training program

  • Yin Yoga certification included

  • Practice teaching, receive feedback, and try out new things in a safe environment. You can choose how you want to grow!

  • Applicable for teachers of any type of yoga.

  • Accredited by Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

  • Perfect structure to apply learned material into your classes and to talk about your findings.

  • Receive feedback, tips and hints teaching your own classes.

  • Become part of a peer group of yoga teachers.

  • Life long mentoring is part of the deal!

Why choose this course?

  • The most complete yin yoga course you'll find, covering everything you need to know in a useful and practical manner.

  • Complete manual with over 80 poses and 10 sample sequences included.

  • Practical application of theory to get a 'real' understanding.

  • Prepares you to be a great Yin yoga teacher.

  • Course will count both as Continuing Professional Development as well as upgrade to the next level of membership for Yoga Australia members.

  • Prepares you to design your own yin yoga home practice and to to work around any injuries.

  • Taught by Senior teacher with over 16 years teaching experience.

  • Beautiful studio at amazing rural property, just outside Sydney (50 min).

  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea included.

  • Daily yoga practice included.

Level 2 Teacher Training Training

Why choose this course?

  • This 12 month training is for women who would like to explore their divine feminine energy 

  • Transformational training working with the qualities and shadow sites of 11 goddesses to create a better relationship with yourself, others and the Earth.

  • As part of the training 22 yoga sequences are studied and practiced. These include Vinyasa style and yin style practices.

  • 150 hour teacher training certificate

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