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Stronger Online Classes

Stronger classes will work you harder and will flow more. These classes are more suited for intermediate and advanced practitioners, however beginner who are looking for a stronger class will enjoy these classes too.

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Shifting Energy


30 minute strong flowing class, using strength to clear your mind and movement to create focus. The perfect practice for a busy day where you'd like to shift your energy. This flow promises to make you feel alive. Suitable for all practitioners who enjoy a stronger flowing practice.

Included in this class: 
- Grounding breathwork
- Strong ladder flows; each flow builds on the previous one
- Core activation to stoke your inner fire
- Funky transitions to increase body awareness

Creating a Feeling of Adequacy

In this 1 hour flow class the focus is on lengthening the hamstrings and the side body in order to move deeper into backbends. This flow is suitable for intermediate/advanced practitioners.

Included in this class: 

- Shoulder flow

- Hamstring/side body warm up

- Main flow to work deeply into the hamstrings

- Backbend sequence into full wheel pose

- Relaxation

Quick Flow


30 minute flowing class for those days when you have less time but still like to get a full practice in! This flow is suitable for all practitioners who enjoy a flowing practice.

Included in this class: 
- Spinal warm up
- Anneriek's signature meditative circular flow
- Flows that help you to open up in all your joints 
- Relaxation

Strong Flow with Integrated Inversions


In this 1 hour flow class we're adding inverted poses (like crow, headstands, and handstands) into your practice. The flows focus on adding length into your hamstrings and developing core and shoulder stability. This flow is suitable for intermediate/advanced practitioners.

Included in this class: 

- Yin poses opening the shoulders and spine

- Hamstring and core warm up flows

- Various inversions integrated in the flow (handstand kicks,

  crow, crane, headstand, forearm balance, handstand)

- Relaxation

Vitality Flow

In this 1 hour flow class your core takes a central position. Working into strengthening and opening this space, illuminating the fire within you. Mobilising your inner power and awakening your vitality. This flow is suitable for intermediate/advanced practitioners.

Included in this class: 

- Poses that strengthen and mobilise your core, like plank, side plank, crow pose, boat pose, squat, high chair pose, warrior 2 and some handstand drills

- Poses that move into and open up the front of your body, like low lunge, king pigeon, wheel, and various twists

Taming Your Dragon - Yin Yoga

This 1 hour strong, slow and mindful yin yoga practice includes deep stretches into the hip area, focusing on fascial release. This practice will challenge your mind and will help you to release attachment to you reoccurring thoughts. This yin practice is suitable for all levels however beginners need to be mindful not to move too deep into the poses.

Included in this class:

- Strong releasing Yin stretches: Dangle, Dragon, Square, Winged dragon, Child's pose, Frog, Caterpillar
- Various options to safely practice this class

- Guidance on mindfulness and 'self talk'

Mandala Flow - For Increased Awareness

This 1 hour flowing circular practice the steady flows build on each other inviting you to reflect on the wholeness of your being. This practice allows your mind chatter to cease while creating a unity between your mind, body and breath. Finding acceptance and awareness in being and staying the the present moment. This practice is suitable for any one who likes a flowing practice. 

Included in this class:

- Multiple circular flows which each build on each other into one continuous mandala flow

- Warm up and Relaxation

De-Stress - Working your Psoas muscle

In this 1 hour class your hip flexors (and more specifically your Psoas muscle) will take a central position. Your body responds to stress, as a stress reflex, by shortening this deep muscle of the hip. Additionally when you have a more sedentary lifestyle this muscle will become weak impacting your posture. Stretching and strengthening your Psoas helps you to ground and to circulate energy throughout your body, increasing vitality and reducing your stress levels. Suitable for all levels.

Included in this class:

- Explanation of the Psoas muscle and the impact is has on you

- Various poses to help stretch and release tension, and to help strengthen the Psoas muscle

Fly Your Crow 

In this 1 hour practice the focus is on moving into a Crow pose (Kakasana or Crane pose - Bakasana) and/or, for those practitioners who have a Crow pose, to learn to 'fly' in and out of this pose. To achieve this you will work on engaging your core muscles, activating your hip flexors, stabilising your shoulder girdle and opening and stabilising your wrist joints. This is a stronger practice, suitable for anyone who is after the challenge to learn how to find and fly their Crow pose.  

Included in this class:

- Poses to stabilise and strengthen your core, hip flexors, shoulders and wrists

- Warm up and counter poses for the Crow pose

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