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Making the step to become a yoga teacher is for many of us the beginning of a journey towards awareness and living more authentically. 


This  holistic yoga teacher training program helps you start your journey and create real change in your life. It gives you great insight into what yoga is, the various yoga styles, yoga philosophy, the energetic body, applied anatomy, it teaches you yoga poses and how to design, plan and sequence a class.


However, more than that, it with help you to understand what kind of yoga teacher YOU want to become and what service you would like to offer your community.  You will develop confidence, skills and an understanding of your own authentic qualities and gifts to feel comfortable and empowered to start teaching your first class.

We are all different, and so are our students, so how lucky are we that there are so many different yoga styles and that yoga can be applied in so many different ways to suit us all! The approach is to not reject the different yoga styles but to use them to best suit ourselves as teachers AND our students. This course is designed so that at the end you’ll feel confident to start teaching your first classes, whether that is a flowing class, a class for kids or elderly people or perhaps a yin style class. You will have the tools to become the best teacher you can be, helping you to understanding where your qualities are and how you can apply these best to give back to the world. You’ll be given practical and useful material to take with you in order to find your feet and to hit the ground running.

The Yoga Teacher Program  can be followed just by itself as a 200 hr registered yoga teacher, or in combination with our Level 2 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in order to receive your 350+ Advanced certification.


This course is also excellent for anybody who would like to take their own yoga journey to the next level. In which case you can choose to attend the first 100 hours (10 day intensive) variation of this course which will help you to gain a deep understanding of yoga, philosophy and anatomy without having to focus on specific teacher skills.


This course is taught by: Anneriek Favelle, Level 3, Sr Teacher Yoga Australia (#1995) and E-RYT200 and RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. We are very excited to offer this course in corporation with Yoga Bare (



Successful completion of the course will help enable graduates to receive a Yoga Level 1 Registered Teacher status. 100% attendance is required. This course is registered by both Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

In total this course includes 200 face to face hours which includes many hours of practical application of the learned theory.

This course is suitable to teach different styles of yoga (depending on your preference) like flow, hot, hatha, restorative, yin, kids, one-on-one, etc). To do this the numbers for this course are limited to 15 students to warrant personal guidance.


  • Regular yoga practice

  • A willingness to explore the depths of yoga

Advanced Program

Those students interested in the advanced program (350+) can link this level 1 Teacher Training with the Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training program to receive the +350 certification.

2020 Dates Level 1

120 hr Intensive in Vanuatu and 4 weekends in Cattai NSW:

  • Intensive:       16 - 27 March - 12 days (120 hr)

+ 4 weekends in Sydney, AUS:

  • Weekend 1:    16, 17 May - Yin TT

  • Weekend 2:    23, 24 May - Yin TT

  • Weekend 3:    27, 28 June

  • Weekend 4:    25, 26 July

OR + 8 days in New Plymouth, NZ:

  • Yin TT:             23- 26 April

  • 4 days :           TBA (June 2020)

- 120hr Intensive in Vanuatu (for students who like to deepen their knowledge but not become a yoga teacher):

  • Intensive:       16 - 27 March - 12 days (120 hr)

- 200 hr Apprenticeship

Additionally this course is taught as an 200 hr apprenticeship for those students who are after a path to becoming a yoga teacher in a more gradual and traditional manner. For more info click here.

Days start early with a yoga practice. Beautiful vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner is included. Shared accomodation is included.


Vanuatu: The intensive (12 days) of this training is taught at “Le Life” resort in Vanuatu.  This eco-friendly boutique resort is spread out over 400 acres, on the waterfront and surrounded by natural beauty and the friendliest villages. More info:

Sydney, NSW location:

The 4 additional weekends for Australia students, are taught at the studio at Anneriek's beautiful rural property in Cattai (50 min out of Sydney CBD). Located in a beautiful valley with horses, donkeys and goats, this beautiful, quiet, homey environment creates a trusting and open environment to share and learn. The beautiful, open yoga studio is simply stunning.

New Plymouth, NZ location:

The remaining 8 training days for students from NZ, will be taught at the beautiful studio of The Wellness Project.

Your Teacher

Anneriek has studied yoga traditions for nearly 2 decades and is a Senior Yoga Teacher with experience in multiple yoga disciplines, including Prana Flow, Yin, Asthanga and Vinyasa. She has a unique ability to allow you to embody the flow of the yoga practice, connecting to your inner power with fluidity.


Co-facilitator, Robbie, has been teaching yoga over the last 4 years with over 300 hours of teacher training and support teaching Anneriek at various retreats and teacher trainings. Robbie is a firm believer in the yogic system and that Asana is an important aspect of a broader overall yoga philosophy where we can create the life we desire and have fun along the way.

Attendance Policy

  • 100% attendance is required for certificate to be awarded.

  • Students who miss any of the contact hours may request private tuition at their own cost to make up any missed sessions (costs are $80 hour).

  • This course is competency-based, which means there is no pass or fail. Students may submit their final assessment until they are deemed to be competent.

Cancellation Policy

$500 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the course. 

  • Final balance is due 4 weeks before the start of the course.

  • For cancellations more than 4 weeks prior to course commencement, all fees will be refunded less the $500 non-refundable deposit.

  • For cancellations within 4 weeks prior to commencement date, a 50% cancellation fee applies.

  • For cancellations within 2 weeks prior to commencement date, no refund will be given.


Travel insurance in mandatory.

You have to organise your own flights. LeLife is approximately 1 hr drive from  Port Villa Airport. Private transport is approx A$80.

Free Group transport will be organised from Port Villa Airport to LeLife Sunday 15th of March at approx 5PM (after the flights from Sydney and Melbourne have come in).

Return transport will leave LeLife for Port Villa Airport Saturday 28th of March at approx 9AM .

Why choose this course?

  • Designed for you to become the best yoga teacher you can be!

  • The most complete course you'll find, covering everything you need to know in a useful and practical manner.

  • Practical application of theory to get a 'real' understanding.

  • Prepares you to teach Flow, Hot, Restorative, Hatha and/or Yin yoga.

  • Helps you to teach and integrate Pranayama, Meditation, and Philosophy into your classes.

  • 200 hours face to face, taught by Sr teacher with over 18 years teaching experience.

  • Includes class observation, adjusting and teaching your first class!

  • ​Enjoy the beauty of the tropics with a 12 day intensive in Vanuatu

  • Accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner included!

  • Daily yoga practice included.

  • Learn in a small group with lots of personal guidance 

  • Registered by Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

  • Option to complete +350 Teacher Trainer program by advancing into the +150hrs Level 2 Applied Teacher Training.

  • Life long mentoring is part of the deal.

  • Level1 (200 hrs) $5,200. 

  • Early bird (pay before 1/2/2020) $4,600 for twin share Glamping. Prices exclude flights


  • Intensive only (120 hrs) $2,760 for 12 day intensive based on twin share Glamping (excludes flights). ​This option is especially suitable for those students who would just like to deepen their yoga practice without becoming a teacher OR for yoga teachers who'd like to review and increase their skills (includes 120hr certificate).

  • For 12 day Vanuatu UPGRADE to:

    • Single Glamping: +$390​

    • Twin share bungalow: +$450

    • Single bungalow: +$1150

A $500 deposit is required to secure your spot. Payment plans are available.

Included in the price: 

  • Comprehensive manuals,

  • Certification,

  • Notebook, Pencil, t Shirt,

  • Daily Yoga practice,

  • Accomodation,

  • Beautiful vegetarian breakfasts, lunches, dinners and morning/afternoon tea,

  • Day outing to Pele Island or Waterfalls, 

  • Group transfer from/to the airport.

Flights to Vanuatu (Port Villa) are excluded in the price for the training.

Numbers for these courses are limited to warrant personal guidance.

Yoga teacher training with Anneriek has been an incredibly life changing experience. She has given us all the tools to have  a positive and confident start in our teaching careers.


Level 1 Program Overview:


Schedule Guideline

Detailed schedule will be provided at the start of the course

intensive :
6:00 - 7:30    Yoga Asana practice: Alignment, Sequencing, Adjusting 

7.30 - 8.00    Yogic texts, Pranayama, Meditation: Guidelines, Application
8.00 - 9.00    Breakfast
9.00 - 12.00  Theory, e.g. Anatomy, Philosophy, Techniques, Subtle energies, Yoga

                       sutras, Eight limbs
12.00 - 1.00  Lunch
1.00 - 5.00    Asana decomposition: Benefits, Contra indications, Alignment

                       principles, Modifications, Energetic actions, Tactile cues,                                              Counterposes
5.00 - 6.00    Dinner
7.00 - 8.30    Practical, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation

Covered subjects:

Subjects that will be covered are shown below. A large part of this course (both during the intensive and the weekends) include practical application of the learned material.  A daily yoga practice is included in the program.

Subjects covered (see also Program Content below):

  • What is Yoga, including History and Yogic texts

  • Yoga Philosophy & Yoga sutras of Patanjali, inlcluding 8 limbs of yoga

  • Anatomy fundamentals: including anatomical position, directional terms, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, movement, spine & posture, anatomical assessment of poses

  • Anatomical teaching guidelines and postural assessment

  • Applied anatomy in yoga asana

  • Sequencing and planning a class

  • Teaching guidelines

  • Teaching techniques: Vinyasa Yoga Flow, Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Beginners classes

  • Teaching skills: Planning & Sequencing a class

  • Asana decomposition: Standing Poses, Balancing poses, Seated hip opening poses, Seated and supine twists, Core activation, Arm & Hand Balances, Backbends, Inversions

  • Hands on adjustments and assists

  • Subtle Energies, including koshas, chakras, gunas, doshas, vayus, rasa, nadis

  • Theory: Pranayama and Meditation

  • Mudras, Mantras and Chanting

  • Practice teaching, sequencing and adjusting

  • Teaching special groups: prenatal, post natal, kids, teenagers, seniors
  • Teaching special conditions: high/low blood pressure, asthma, anxiety, depression, overweight, arthritis, menstruation, ...

  • Teaching injuries: lower back issues, knee issues, shoulders, ..

  • Teaching Yin Yoga, including principles of yin and meridians

  • Teaching Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting

  • Qualities of a teacher and developing yourself authentically

  • Developing your bio and yoga resume

  • Yoga photoshoot for your resume by professional photographer is included

  • Living a yogic life style and Your own practice

  • Dharma discovery and Making yoga meaningful

  • The Yoga Profession

  • Daily yoga practice (asana, mediation, pranayama) 

Practical experience included:

  • Observation of classes

  • Assisting in classes 

  • Teaching your own first classes (includes creating a class plan)

Students on the Advanced Teacher Training Program will follow on from here into the Level 2 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program.


  • Anneriek has mastered a way to use her passion to spread a powerful energy that makes all of us naturally connected and willing to follow that same path. ~Celine

  • Yoga teacher training with Anneriek has been an incredibly life changing experience. She has given us all the tools to have  a positive and confident start in our teaching careers. ~Flora

  • I really enjoyed immersing myself in the world of yoga. So many of my interests and experiences to date seemed to all come together for the first time. This has ignited a fire in my soul and a feeling that I am totally on the right path and was born to do this. Thank you! ~Rachel

  • I loved the entire experience. I have found it to be the most challenging, incredible, amazing, life changing experience to date. Very rewarding. I have met so many amazing people who I know I will have in my life forever. Anneriek is such an incredible teacher and mentor. I loved all the activities and structure throughout our day. ~Amanda

  • I wish I had done something like this 10 years ago to deepen my yoga practice. The course is not only good for those who want to teach, it’s amazing for your own practice. My understanding of yoga has explosively grown. ~Jojo

  • The whole experience was amazing. Anneriek provided us with an endless supply of knowledge, insight and wisdom, and you can see her passion and experience. The environment was open and supportive and although the course challenged preconceived ideas, barrier and comfort zones, the people, space and Anneriek made it feel safe. ~Rhianne

  • The experience was truely transformational. It provided the space to explore and discover answers to deep personal questions and worries while validating personal experiences and empowering the mind, body and soul. Truely uplifting. ~Leisa

  • It’s been hard, fun, energising, exhausting and SO worthwhile. I feel I’ve learned more than i could ever have imagined. The yogic lifestyle has been practical, the anatomy confronting but all do-able. The asanas - learning the poses in more detail - has been great and I’m looking forward to use this in my own practice. The meditations have been great too, didn’t realise I enjoyed this so much. ~Dianna

  • The content and course layout facilitates spiritual growth and practical applications - Christie 

  • Thank you  Anneriek for giving us the ‘pearls of wisdom & practice’ and allowing us to ‘string them together, to emerge in our own unique way’- Gillian

  • Anneriek is a wealth of  information, compassion & fun - Tim 

Program Content:

Module 1: Back to the Roots - Yoga Origin & Philosophy

What is yoga and where does it originate from. Understanding yoga philosophy, like the Vedas, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Gita. Gain a real understanding on how to integrate yoga philosophy in your life and classes.

Module 2: Alignment - Yoga Anatomy & Pose Alignment 

Practical, applied, anatomy is essential for every yoga teacher. We'll learn terminology, the basic anatomy of our body, anatomical movements. Analysis of anatomy in yoga poses, relating to body alignment, is an essential part of this module.

Module 3: Lab - Asana Decomposition 

In this module you will be learning about yoga poses (asanas). We will be going over over a hundred poses looking at the alignment, benefits, modifications, preparatory and counter poses, and anatomical aspects of each pose. Additionally we will be learning some sample classes to help you teach your first classes successfully. ​

Module 4: The Subtle Yoga Body - Integration of Body, Mind & Spirit

The practice of yoga reveals that the body is in no way separate from the mind. In this module we provide a way to understand these forces as they relate to an integrated yoga of body and mind. We'll study the subtle body to understanding this integration.

Module 5: Awakening - Awakening of the Authentic Teacher

We will have a good look at ourselves. What is your ‘super power’? What are your qualities as a teacher? We’ll be aiming to find our authentic self and we’ll be looking at how you can set yourself up for success and create a more awakened life for yourself. In this modules we'll also be looking at how you can take yoga ‘off the mat’ and into the daily life. 

Module 6: Yoga Beyond Asanas - Pranayama & Meditation

Yoga practice has so much more to offer when we look past the benefits of practicing poses. We’ll be having a look at pranayama and meditation. Focus will be on gaining a deeper understanding of these practices/aspects, the various types of practices there are and on how you can incorporate these.

Module 7: Connection - Mastery of Adjustments 

Learning how to adjust people takes a lot of practice and skill. We’ll explore the various types of adjustments and the various reasons to adjust. We will look at student assessments and the quality of touch. We will practice adjustments of many poses and get a deeper understanding of how to adjust different types of students. Additionally, we will have a look at the various types of props and how to best use them.

Module 8: The Art of Inspired Sequencing 

Whether a class is flowing or slow, a good class is a well sequenced class. We'll be going over the basic guidelines that you can use to sequence poses together and how to plan and structure a class. We will include a lot of practical application.

Module 9: Modifications - Teaching Special Groups, Special Conditions and Injuries

We'll be looking into teaching special groups (eg prenatal, kids, seniors) and students with special conditions (like low/high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, trauma, depression) and injuries. We’ll discuss strategies on how to teach people  safely. For this we’ll be looking at modifications to the yoga practices.

Module 10:  Yin Yoga - The Practice of  Mindfulness 

We’ll be looking at teaching Yin Yoga, which is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature. Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of things; yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect. Subjects included are meridians, yin (myofascial) tissue, and yin yoga poses.

Practical experience included:

  • Pose alignment

  • Daily yoga practices (asana, pranayama or meditation),

  • Designing and Planning your class,

  • Practice teaching,

  • Observing and assisting

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