Anneriek's retreats are a wonderful way to spend your weekend or week. Deepening your yoga journey with likeminded people. The retreats are all "yoga intensives", meaning lots of yoga, meditation, breath work, mindfulness, beautiful food, and relaxation time. For the retreats 'theme related programs' are provided which each promise you a joyful and transformative experience.  

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Starts 23rd of May 2021
Start date
1st of August 2021
Start date
1st of August 2021

What People say about these Retreats:

This weekend was beyond anything I could have imagined and absolutely wonderful. It’s been transformative on a physical and spiritual level and I know this is just the very beginning of my journey which I’m now excited to start. I loved Anneriek’s gentle yet encouraging guidance to feel ‘the edge’ and know that you are safe.


Beautiful setting and transforming yoga experience with committed and enthusiastic people. A fantastic couple days. Beyond what I was expecting. The meditation and chanting both really added to the experience.


The whole experience was amazing - the location, the food, the yoga, the mindfulness activities, everything. It opens your mind and encourages you to move in the moment, which is what we all need. Anneriek has a beautiful energy and aura, and the knowledge and experience she has in incredible. The blind folded actives where real ‘eye openers’ and I liked how the ‘gate gate’ experience encourages positive energy. All the people on the retreat were beautiful and openminded.


Thank you! During the retreats you encourage me to look at myself, with guidance, encouragement and joy. My trust in Anneriek is absolute and she has taken me on a beautiful path, where I would never have thought to have gone. Thank you.



Anneriek’s vitality, warmth and generosity is embedded in her teaching and in the spirit of the retreat. Anneriek explained ways to access and practice difficult poses that helped me progress. I can now see a way into the pose which before was always a “no way”.



As with previous retreats, you have made me feel like I’m part of the family. You have fed me delicious healthy, vegetarian food. You have challenged my body with flowing asanas and you have fed my soul with inspirational affirmations. Thank you.  I really enjoyed the chanting and the talk about mental chatter and how to stay in the here and now. I also loved Mat Omo’s session with the crystal bowls and gongs.



Anneriek’s classes push you out of your comfort zone to discover yourself. Her retreats are just the same but immerse you in a universe of joy, frustration and accomplishment. After each retreat I felt centred, energised and happy too.


A truely immersive experience. A few days felt like a week of self-love, relaxation, good food, and amazing yoga. The connection I formed with the other yogis has given me inspiration and filled me with gratitude. The here and now is the best place to be.. I really liked the blindfolded activities and the camaraderie over the ‘gate gate’ experience.



I have had the honour and privilege to attend three yoga retreats at Anneriek’s beautiful home. Each one has exposed me to new experiences, depended my love for yoga and brought me closer to knowing my true self. As a regular class attendee of Anneriek’s, I can absolutely recommend a retreat (or class) out in the bush surroundings, to enjoy Anneriek’s energy, ‘joie de vivre’ and vast yoga teaching experience.  I hope to use the knowledge I have gained as i move forward on my journey, staying in this beautiful, perfect, present moment.



I loved to be with likeminded people in a warm, loving and sharing environment. Anneriek’s teaching is encouraging, fun and compassionate, the family the same. She helps us push our boundaries out a little more. Giving me more confidence in my practice. An awesome weekend. Feeling blessed to be here!!! I really enjoyed the trust and connection that s created amongst everyone who attended. I liked the asanas and meditation practices, the wonderful food, the ‘gong guru’ and of course Xena the wonder dog. 



Loved the Here & Now retreat. It was a real opportunity to get in touch with the present moment and my truths, to realise what is really important to me. It was all wonderful, the people, the location, the event and the food.


Being in the here and now a place i barely visit but with guidance and support from an amazing teacher on this weekend retreat  I learnt to appreciate the small things in life, to slow down and be present with all things. I learnt to go beyond my boundaries, to jump into the unknown blindfolded (literally) and embrace all that came my way.   A wonderful place to let go and explore the more in depth parts of yoga.  surrounded by caring like minded souls. This retreat has left my heart full of love for all things in the here and now.


Thank you for your amazing weekend of Gratefulness and Yoga - exactly what I see it is all about - all in One! What a gift you are to The World!


I am truly grateful for my experience of yoga and sharing here. To share knowledge and wisdom in such a beautiful and safe environment has been an absolute blessing for me. Our group has been journeying with such a well educated yoga teacher and trainer who inspires us all in human kindness and compassion as well as her unique and clever leadership and organised classes. Anneriek is a fabulous teacher who has lots to share in Love, Kindness and Teachings of yoga


This intensive came at a perfect time for me in my major transition and, Anneriek, the guidance you gave while in yin asanas was perfect to allow and encourage letting go. Deep gratitude to you!



Anneriek’s classes uplifted me to practice gratitude in my life and yoga practice. I loved everything, the variety of classes and the people were so welcome and supportive.



Again an amazing experience. Always something different. Meeting new people. Challenging myself to go further in my practice. All in a safe and loving environment.



Being outside my comfort zone forced me to let my guard down. An experience I’m very grateful for.


I had the most amazing awakening and healing journey during sound vibing. I feel I will be more in tune with living my life more focussed on gratitude, giving and receiving.


Beautiful hospitality, clear calm teaching, and a balance of body, heart and spirit.


Anneriek you are such an inspiration. Your love for people is ever present. Thank you for sharing YOU! I’m very grateful you came into my life. The last 3 years have been challenging, uplifting and charging. Thank you for lighting my path, I’m forever grateful.


I have had an incredible relaxing weekend. Exactly what I wanted and needed. You know how much I love Yin and it was everything and more what I was hoping for. I feel like I have released some stuff and listening to the affirmations you give throughout our practice really helped me to let some negative ideas go.


This is my first yoga retreat and I’ve only been back at yoga for a few months. I found the long weekend retreat awesome. I learned so much about yoga, just that extra time to learn poses and their names. I loved the flows and intensity. I always thought retreats were for experienced yogis but I feel I grew so much and conquered a few inversions. I loved the environment and the family atmosphere. I felt comfortable and welcomed. I will definitely return. I’m leaving here enlightened and feeling really great about myself.


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