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For me, Yoga is a practice of awareness


When you move and stretch your body, you can release tension, stress and tightness you hold. When you strengthen your body you increase your level of self confidence, your willpower, your inner strength. 

Most of us start our yoga journey because of the physical aspects of yoga (to become strong and flexible) but we continue our practice because it makes us feel good, not only physically but especially mentally!


Your breathing most of the time is subconscious and shallow. In your yoga practice you learn to become aware of the breath and the effect is has on you. When you slow your breath down it calms you down, when you speed it up it makes you more alert. Being able to balance the breath helps you to deal with situations in your day to day life in a more balanced, aware and wholehearted way.

And then your mind...  your 'Jiva mind', your thinking mind - which we tend to give so much importance. Thoughts float around in your head all the time and you constantly get exposed to these messages full of judgements and desires. Yoga can help you to become less attached to your thinking mind and more connected to your higher mind, leaving you feeling more happy and calm. 


Other than private classes I teach yoga classes at the following locations which can be casually attended.

Yoga Bare in McGraths Hill (for full schedule and prices:

  • Monday         7-8AM                 Warm Flow

  • Monday         9.30-10.30AM    Warm Flow (strong class)

  • Tuesday         6.00-7.00 PM     Warm Flow (strong class)

  • Tuesday         7.15-8.15 PM     Yin Yoga

  • Wednesday   6.30-7.30 AM     Warm Flow

  • Wednesday   9.30-10.30 AM   Yin/Yang Fusion (gentle)

  • Friday             5.30-6.30PM      Yin/Yang Fusion (gentle)

  • Sunday           6.30-7.30PM      Yin Yoga - warm

Kinetica Yoga (for full schedule and prices:

  • Thursday        6.00-7.00 PM      Yoga Flow - warm

  • Thursday        7.15-8.15 PM      Yin Yoga - warm

Can't come to class?

You always have access to any of my 40 free online classes: 

Cost for Private tuition (1-4 students):

  • 1 hour $120, 6 class pass $650 (to be used within 4 months)

  • 1.5 hours $150, 6 class pass $800 (to be used within 4 months)

No refund for cancelation less than 12hrs prior to scheduled class

Private tuition can be organised at any of the studios I teach at, or at my studio in Cattai.

"Anneriek’s classes are informative, dynamic and fun. She clearly has many years of experience which shows in the ease and confidence she shows as a teacher. She is an intuitive teacher who encourages her students to explore their full yogic potential. Her instructions are clear and her adjustments well applied. She connects to her students on a personal level, always has time for them and helps them to improve their practice."

Amanda, NSW, Australia

Yoga 4 You

475 Halcrows rd

Cattai, NSW . Australia